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Healing Religious Trauma

A Group for People Who Have Been Harmed by Religious Experiences

This group was created after seeing a need in our community for a space where people can come together to share and process harm caused by their previous experiences in Evangelical Christian settings.
This group is for all who are interested, including people still involved in Christian systems to those who no longer practice religion.

Topics will include:
Harm caused by purity teachings
Gender expectations
Extreme and ingrained beliefs
The role of music
Christianity and identity
How to heal from religious trauma
and more

Our group is structured intentionally to help people begin their healing process through learning and connection

We will:

  • Ensure opportunities for the group to learn about each other and build rapport.

  • Create a sense of safety by starting each group with structure and education about issues associated with religious trauma.

  • Help group members process in different ways such as verbal, written, and nervous system grounding.

  • Create an environment of safe sharing, and never push anyone to share when they feel it is unsafe. Your story is your own.

  • Foster a sense of support, even when people share different experiences.

  • Work with the group to create meaning and help start the healing journey.

Forest Trees
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Who: Seven adults seeking healing from religious harm

Schedule: Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm, starting 9/13/2023
This is a ten-week group meeting weekly. Please plan your schedule accordingly, as attendance is important to maintain group rapport. 

Where: A Tree Planted - 422 Elm Ave SW, Roanoke VA 24016

Cost: Free, but must commit to the full ten week process.

If interested, please complete the application form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

For questions, contact:


Meet Your Counselors

Caitlin Dallas is licensed professional counselor with A Tree Planted Counseling. Her work focuses on anxiety, depression, trauma, and LGBTQ+ issues. She uses somatic techniques to help others learn to ground and connect with self.

Dr. Bethany Lackey is a licensed counselor with more than a decade of experience in mental health. She specializes in religious trauma and bridging gaps between mental health care and populations in need.

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