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Available and Upcoming Groups

More than Strong: Processing Parenthood as a Black Mother

A space for Black and multi-racial mothers and caregivers to create connection and support while processing the struggles and joys of parenthood.

Religious Trauma

For those who have been through difficult experiences in religious settings and need a space to process with others who have similar experiences within Evangelical Christianity. A separate group is held for those who have experienced trauma in the Catholic Church.


Racial Trauma

If you feel an all too familiar pain when acts of racial violence or oppression occur, then this group is for you. We are tired, and it's time for healing. Come join our 10 week counseling group learning about, exploring, and healing racial trauma. 

Adolescent Empowerment

This is a group for teens who need encouragement and self-esteem in this phase of life.

Parents of Kids Suffering with Suicidal Thought, Behavior, or Intent

The purpose of this group is to provide a safe space for parents to process their thoughts and emotions in relation to their children’s struggles, provide social support from other parents who can relate, and to learn some skills to help cope and communicate with their children. Our group meets twice monthly, is one hour in duration, and is completely virtual. We kindly ask for a monthly commitment from all of our group participants.

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