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A Tree Planted Collective

We are more than just a counseling practice

Our Mission is

To reduce barriers within our community through healing, inclusive, and trauma-informed practices.

Our Vision is

Equitable access to quality mental health services that promote a just society for all.

A Tree Planted was established with the intention of creating a different model of mental health practice. Through our experiences in mental health, we saw the necessity to be intentional in creating a nonprofit that ensured we could work on issues at every level, from client care to systemic change. We are accomplishing these goals through three main avenues.

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1.  Reducing Barriers to Services

We saw an equation in our community with a missing piece. People needed services and services were available, but they were still not getting the help they needed. We found through our experiences and discussions in the community, there were many factors at play such as the need for specific services, mental health stigma, and financial accessibility. We homed in on these barriers to create a plan that allow us to address these factors specifically.

We utilize grant funding and donations to provide financial assistance, and we accept many types of insurance, including Medicaid, to help reduce costs.


We consistently seek out specific needs in the community such as perinatal support for Black mothers/caregivers and religious trauma processing for LGBTQ+ populations. We provide services at locations that help reduce transportation barriers.


We make it a priority to advocate for mental health equity through discussions with legislators and being a part of many boards and task forces, both on local and state levels.


We attend many community gatherings and collaborate with other organizations to stay connected to what people are experiencing to continuously inform our work. Community connection reduces stigma and facilitates healing at a macro level.

Who Are We
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2.  Providing Excellent Therapy

All our clinicians at ATP are well-versed in providing holistic, trauma-informed care for many different issues people experience. Their backgrounds and education in the field set them up well for providing high-quality, research-based, healing services. We want to be known as a practice people trust to help them meet their therapeutic goals, no matter which clinician they see.

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3.  Supporting ATP Clinicians

It is often the case great mental health clinicians become burned out because of the care and energy they put into their practice. A large part of our mission is to create a space to develop counseling skills in a trusting, transparent, team-oriented environment. This is accomplished by providing training, monthly group supervision, and low/no-cost weekly individual supervision. This helps prevent burnout, increase overall longevity, and foster a sense of passion for social justice advocacy. 

Just as we are passionate about reducing barriers for clients in our community, we also recognize the need to reduce barriers for counselors. We emphasize fit over tradition in our hiring practices and create avenues for counselors to get the credentials they need to sustain a career in their field. Our goal is to hire counselors who are trauma-informed and community-minded with a passion for social justice.

ATP operates from a community-centered framework, upholding the belief that mental health is more than just traditional therapy. Therapy should be for everyone, and all are welcome here.

Looking to make a real impact?
Donations to our nonprofit create opportunities for mental health care to those who may not otherwise be able to access services. It allows us to continue building programs and offer creative solutions to mental health accessibility problems.

Getting good mental health shouldn't be a barrier.

Sponsor a session for $150.
Cover an interpreter for $55.
Get them a ride here for $25.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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