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Chanelle Henderson, LPC
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Welcome! I'm Chanelle Henderson, a licensed professional counselor specializing in compassionate support for all those along life's journey. When you step into my office, I see that you are letting me into sacred ground.

As a counselor, my role is to provide a place so you can be brave enough to heal and grow. I will support you with cultural humility and LGBTQIA+ affirming practices so you can strengthen a deeper relationship with yourself and those closest to you. I specialize in working with those affected by traumatic experiences such as:  effects related to immigration, refugee and asylum; childhood trauma and abuse; and perinatal and postpartum recovery.

Counseling is both an art and a science. In my practice I use evidence-based methods such as CBT, DBT,  EMDR, and Somatic healing methods. I can offer effective tools with a trauma-informed lens to help you communicate better, create stronger bonds with others, reduce anxiety, cope with depression, heal from trauma, and process grief. 

I will help you find your way toward true healing. I will guide you through pain and alleviate the burden. I will support you when you feel most alone. I will acknowledge your fears and remind you for your strengths.

I will stay with you in the valleys and celebrate with you on the summit.


While I may have the training and the experience in emotional healing, you are the one who is the expert on yourself.

A seed does not have to be taught how to grow. It just needs to be planted.

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