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Chanelle Henderson, LPC

Welcome! I'm Chanelle Henderson, a licensed professional counselor specializing in professional and compassionate support for all those along life's journey. When you step into my office, I see that you are letting me into sacred ground.


While I may have the training and the experience in emotional healing, you are the one who is the expert on yourself. As a counselor, my role is to provide a safe place with the room for you to tune into yourself enough to heal and grow. I will support you with cultural humility and LGBTQIA+ affirming practices so you can strengthen a deeper relationship with yourself and those closest to you.


Counseling is both an art and a science. In my practice I use evidence-based methods such as CBT, DBT,  Polyvagal and Somatic Experiencing techniques and MBSR. I can offer effective tools with a trauma-informed lens to help you communicate better, create stronger bonds with others, reduce anxiety, cope with depression, heal from trauma, and process grief. 

There is an art to know when to be a silent observer, and when to intervene. To know how to place the right pressure –both to alleviate pain and to facilitate progress. To know how to support you and to guide those around you in how to do the same. To acknowledge your fears and remind you for your strengths. To stay with you in the valleys and to celebrate the summit.


Life is a circle, a series of small deaths and births.

A seed does not have to be taught how to grow. It just needs to be planted.

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